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Note:  Individuals listed below are are independent professionals licensing the use of the Caerusnet Referral Team System as their foundation to help assist  them in their desire to professionally facilitate a local, small business referral team(s).


Angel Gomez

Meeting Facilitator for:
Caerusnet Dearborn TBD
Phone: 313-506-4184
Email: 313AngelG@gmail.com

Since July, 2011, Angel has been a successful Caerusnet Member of the Ann Arbor Caerusnet 1PM Tuesday team. His passion to help others grow by referral has led Angel to launch a Dearborn Caerusnet team in his hometowm.

Chaz Carrillo

Meeting Facilitator for:
Lansing Green Team Wednesday 8:30 AM
Phone: 517-230-9214
Email: Chaz@holtdimondaleagency.com

Chaz entered the world of small business ownership right out of high school (as a commercial contract painter). Accomplishing his goals and looking for a new challenge, he decided to jump into insurance business. While having no formal background in insurance, it was the best fit to work in the community he loves. Every day, Chaz takes advantage of this opportunity to help his community by protecting their businesses and families with quality insurance. Chaz also has a passion for local charities and non-profits. Connecting people comes naturally to Chaz and this allows him to build successful relationships by networking as a referral team Facilitator.

Doug Moffat

Meeting Facilitator for:
Brighton2 Tuesday 10AM
Phone: 810-333-1713
Email: moffatdoug@hotmail.com

Doug Moffat is known as The Defense Specialist. Why? Because as both a life insurance expert and a hockey team goalie, it's all about defense. Good defense keeps your assets safe and that is Doug's passion. As one of the very first Caerusnet Members in Michigan, Doug has 9 years experience in the Facilitated referral team system. As an independent insurance agent, Doug looks forward to helping his Members grow by referral!

Eric Jones

Meeting Facilitator for:
Phone: 517-759-4026
Email: ejones@workforcepayhub.com

Eric Jones, President, graduated from Siena Heights University with a BA in accounting and Cleary University with a Master of Business Administration. Prior to joining Workforce PayHub, Eric worked for a global pharmaceutical and manufacturing company creating efficiencies in payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, project management and assisted with streamlining the inventory management processes. He has extensive knowledge in HCM platforms, payroll tax management and specializes in consulting on time and attendance for a wide range of industries. In his free time, Eric likes to spend time with his family. Eric has been a multi-year past Caerusnet Member and now looks to bring the referral passing culture into the Adrian community as a referral team Facilitator.

James Plaskey, Jr.

Meeting Facilitator for:
Brighton6 Professional Speakers Wednesday 3pm
Phone: 248-885-1556
Email: jplaskey@ewmadvisors.com

James, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, has been in the Financial Services Industry and a member of the Executive Wealth Management team since 2011. This experience, with the knowledge he gained while studying at Hillsdale College has armed him with a complete understanding of the industry and has given him the tools to make strategic and tactical moves based on individual needs. The full financial plan, personalized with each client involves planning for life goals including, college savings, retirement accounts, and protection from unseen catastrophic events. James is an avid fan of athletics, as he earned varsity letters four years playing football at Hillsdale College. Football is a game that teaches life skills that are not found in a classroom or business setting. This valuable experience helped shape James’ ability to problem solve and think creatively to produce individual and unique financial advice. As a fiduciary, James primary focus is keeping the clients best interest in mind according to their risk tolerance.

Kate Lambert & Vince Engerer

Meeting Facilitator for:
Plymouth Tuesday 1:00 PM
Phone: 734-277-3044
Email: caerusnetplymouth@gmail.com

Kate Lambert & Vince Engerer operate Apple Graphics and Printing from the Burrough's Building in Plymouth Michigan. Before deciding to launch their own Caerusnet team, they were Members (and still are) of the Canton Thursday 1PM team. Understanding the importance positive face-to-face referrals have had on their business, these Facilitators jointly plan to grow the Caerusnet Plymouth in to a dynamo referral marketing machine.

Marie Dowler

Meeting Facilitator for:
Bloomfield Hills Tuesday 8AM
Phone: 248-789-0779
Email: mdowler@maxbroock.com

Marie has lived in the Birmingham/Beverly Hills/Bloomfield community her entire life. She graduated from Marian High School and Purdue University with a degree in business management. Marie is a multi-million dollar producer with Max Broock Realtors in the top 3% of Realtors in the Max Brock Realtors Bloomfield office and her strengths are drawn from 15 years of Real Estate experience - representing both buyers and sellers in achieving rewarding real estate outcomes. Servicing her clients, as their Real Estate professional, she earns trust through market knowledge, experience and hard work by being fully engaged in your home purchase or selling experience. Marie works full time making herself available to her clients on their schedules. Clients often tell Marie she provides them with great leadership and guidance throughout the entire process. Dowler has been married for over 30 years and has 3 children. She remains active in many Church and Community endeavors and enjoys spending time with my family. Marie absolutely loves face-to-face referral networking and is thrilled to be Facilitating her own Caerusnet team in Bloomfield Hills.

Olivia Somsel

Meeting Facilitator for:
Caerusnet517 - Thursday 1PM
Phone: 517-899-2421
Email: oliviasomsel@gmail.com

Olivia is a Realtor in the Greater Lansing area with a heart for serving and helping others. She enjoys helping her real estate clients achieve their goals and dreams as well as giving back to the community. Connecting people is a natural subset to helping others achieve their goals by finding the assistance necessary to reach them. Olivia is excited with this opportunity to help others grow their businesses.

Steve Bebber

Meeting Facilitator for:
Saline Thursday 8:30AM
Phone: 734-646-1232
Email: bebberhealthpro@gmail.com

Steve is certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, has a B.S. & M.S. in Health Promotion & Human Performance and works with clients as a consultant and coach in the areas of weight management, organic nutrition, and sports nutrition, utilizing cutting edge genetic testing to improve their quality of life. Steve first began in business with a paper route when he was just 13 years old, and has had a variety entrepreneurial experiences while working in the field of education, before starting his health and wellness business. He now helps fellow entrepreneurs improve the quality of their business through focused referral marketing as a CaerusNet Meeting Facilitator in Saline.

Steven Zyskowski

Meeting Facilitator for:
Ann Arbor1 Tuesday 11AM & Ann Arbor2 Tuesday 1PM SHOWCASE TEAM & Brighton1 Tuesday 8AM & Brighton3 Wednesday 8AM & Brighton4 Wednesday 10AM & Brighton5 Wednesday 1PM & Caerusnet Michigan Facilitators & Canton Thursday 1PM
Phone: (517) 304-3339
Email: stevenz@caerusnet.com

The Caerusnet Facilitated Referral Team Systems was developed in 2008 by social entrepreneur, Steven Zyskowski, Zyskowski has facilitated thousands of one hour Caerusnet team meetings and actively runs them to this day in Brighton, Ann Arbor and Canton. In addition, he helps support Michigan Caerusnet Facilitators in their success. 2019 Referral Team Meeting Calendar: Tuesday TeamsQuarter 1: January 15, 22; February 5, 12, 26; March 12, 19 Quarter 2: April 2, 23, 30; May 7, 21; June 4, 11, 25 Quarter 3: July 9, 23, 30; August 13, 20; September 10, 17 Quarter 4: October 1, 15, 22; November 5, 12, 26; December 3, 10 Wednesday Teams: Quarter 1: January 16, 23; February 6, 13, 27; March 13, 20 Quarter 2: April 3, 24; May 8, 22; June 5, 12, 26 Quarter 3: July 10, 24, 31; August 14, 21; September 11, 18 Quarter 4: October 2, 16, 23; November 6, 13, 27; December 4, 11 Thursday Teams:Quarter 1: January 17, 24; February 7, 14, 28; March 14, 21 Quarter 2: April 4, 25; May 9, 23; June 6, 13, 27 Quarter 3: July 11, 25; August 1, 15, 21; September 12, 189 Quarter 4: October 3, 17, 24; November 7, 14, 28; December 5, 12

Tom Hamp

Meeting Facilitator for:
Lansing1 Tuesday 1PM & Lansing3 Golf Networking League Powered by Caerusnet
Phone: 517 599-2782
Email: thamp@advicoach.com

Tom has over 25 years of sales and management experience. He has worked with both small, family owned companies as well as some of the largest corporations in the world, such as IBM, Eastman Kodak and Kyocera. As a professional business coach with AdviCoach, and as a CaerusNet referral team facilitator, Tom looks forward to helping business people make connections with each other to achieve higher levels of profitability. Tom resides in DeWitt, MI, with his wife Julie and their four children. 2018 CaerusNet Lansing Tuesday 1:00pm Referral Team Meeting Calendar: Quarter 1: January 9, 16, 23, 30; February 6, 13, 27; March 6, 13, 20 Quarter 2: April 3, 10, 17; May 1, 8, 15, 22; June 5, 12, 19 Quarter 3: July 10, 17, 24; August 14, 21, 28; September 11, 18, 25 Quarter 4: October 9, 16, 23; November 6, 13, 27; December 4, 11

Wendy Caverly

Meeting Facilitator for:
Chain of Lakes Team 3:30PM & Dexter Tuesday 11AM & Fenton Tuesday 8:00AM & Howell Thursday 11AM & Howell Thursday 9AM & New Hudson Wednesday 9am
Phone: 810-348-0820
Email: wendy@caerusnetconnections.com

Wendy is a Chief Referral Officer and owner of the highly awarded Caerusnet Connections . Past experiences have given her a great love of networking. At a young age she discovered a talent for talking to people and making sales starting with Girl Scout Cookies. Over the years she has had several professions from working political campaigns to owning and operating her own vending/coffee business and evolving into a Consultant offering services as a Merchant Service Advocate for business owners. Through it all, her love of networking and building relationships where everyone benefits has grown. After only 6 months of being part of the CaerusNet family, she saw how progressive and forward thinking this opportunity was and wanted to share the experience with others. After starting her first team early 2014, she now actively facilitates 7 teams in total. She’s excited to teach others how to create relationships where win/win scenarios are the expected results. Tuesday Team Dates: January 9th, 16th & 23rd; February 6th, 13th & 27th; March 13th & 20th; April 10th & 17th; May 1st, 15th & 22nd; June 5th, 12th & 26th; July 10th, 24th & 31st; August 14th & 28th; September 11th & 18th; October 2nd, 16th & 23rd; November 6th, 13th & 27; December 4th & 11th. Wednesday Team Dates: January 10th, 17th & 24th; February 7th 14th & 28th; March 14th & 21st; April 11th & 18th; May 2nd. 16th & 23rd; June 6th, 13th & 27th; July 11th & 25th; August 1st, 15th & 29th; September 12th & 19th; October 3rd, 17th & 24th; November 7th, 14th & 28th; December 5th & 12th. Thursday Team Dates: January: 11th, 18th & 25th; February 8th & 15th; March 1st, 15th, & 22nd; April 12th & 19th; May 3rd, 17th & 24th; June 7th, 14th & 28th; July 12th & 26th; August 2nd, 16th & 30th; September 13th & 20th; October 4th, 18th & 25th; November 8th, 15th & 29th; December 6th & 13th.

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